Dear Journal,

went out to get milk, but someone set some ramps up in the middle of the street. stayed and watched, got milk today instead.

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Dear Journal,

Painted my bathroom today Cleaned paint off of the floor, walls, ceiling, sink,
doorknob, hallway carpet, hands, hair, shoes, and neighbor's pet after creating
paint disaster.

Since I was able to scoop a lot of the paint back into the can, I will
be able to continue "painting" tomorrow.
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Dear Journal,

Went to pharmacy to buy shampoo. Did not see regular
brand. Attempted to read labels to find comparable
product. Labels offered words like "Volumizing",
"Enhancing", "Body Building", and "Hydroginating".

I became confused, and ran out of store empty-handed.

To Do:
1) ???
2) get girlfriend
3) have her buy shampoo.
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back from vacation

done annoying people with my poor attempts at speaking catalan.
many pictures to sort through.
many sleeps to catch up on.
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